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Kimono on Vellum

Materials needed:

  1. Kimono stamp - 2144I
  2. Gold stamp pad - Color Box
  3. Translucent Gold Embossing Powder - EP022
  4. Square notecard (Chili Red) - AP600
  5. Notecard (Husk) - AP122
  6. Latte vellum - AP515
  7. Paper cords - AP307
  8. Origami paper - Any
  9. Metallic Gel Pens - PYGS1
  10. Diamond Glaze™ - GP005
  11. Thread and yarn - Any
  12. Beads and trinkets - Any
  13. Double stick foam tape - Any
  14. Scissors
  15. Hobby Knife
  16. Heat tool


Stamp Kimono image onto Husk colored notecard with Gold ink and emboss. Color with metalllic Gel pens and cut out. Set aside.

Trim a scrap of Chili Red card to 0.75 by 2.5 inches and edge lengthwise with gold gel pen. Take a paper cord of matching color and tie in knot as shown. Glue to band of Chili Red card with Diamond Glaze™.

Using a hobby knife, cut two 0.75 inch slits in the Kimono image leaving approximately 0.25 inches from base of sleeve. Thread Chili Red band through slits and with a couple drops of Diamond Glaze™ secure to back of Kimono.

Card Assembly: Attach origami paper to square card with a drop of Diamond Glaze in the corners of the paper (too much glue may warp the card). Cut a square of Latte vellum1/8 inch smaller than the origami paper and attach by using Diamond Glaze™ in the center of the card (yes, it shows through, but the Kimono will cover the glued area). Attach the Kimono with souble stick foam tape for depth.

Tie a variety of yarn, metallic threads, and cords leaving approximately 5 inches to hang from knot. Thread a couple beads and charms for added elegance. ©Komoto 2001


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