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Daisy Quilt

Materials needed:

  1. Carole's Cube - 6719I
  2. Salvia Blue Marvy Ink Pad
  3. Black Marvy Ink Pad
  4. Yellow Colored Pencil
  5. Ultra RS Square Card -AP611
  6. Blueberry Square Card - AP610
  7. Mosiac Tape™ - GP007
  8. Hobby Knife
  9. Ruler
  10. Scissor


On one side of an Ultra RS square card, stamp Daisy image with Black ink. Color center of flower. Cut out with scissors and set aside.

On the second side of the Ultra RS square card, stamp Square Palette image with Salvia Blue ink in a pattern being sure to touch corners. If you don't align the image don't worry. It looks best if it is a little offset. Stamp the Stiched image with black ink over the white area. Trim each edge of card with a hobby knife and ruler approximately 1/2 inch. This way the center of the quilt will remain in the center.

Layer the cut flower and quilt onto Blueberry square card with Mosaic Tape.

© Watanabe 2003

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