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Stripes and Daisy

Materials needed:

  1. Stripes and Dots Bollio - 6830K
  2. Pressed Daisy - 2543F
  3. Square notecard (Black) - AP613
  4. Postcards (Ultra Cream) - AP138
  5. Stamp Pad Fluid Chalk - Olive
  6. Stamp Pad Fluid Chalk - Alabaster
  7. Stamp Pad Fluid Chalk -Bisque
  8. Stamp Pad Ancient Page - Black
  9. Watercolors
  10. Paintbrush Set (WBS01)
  11. Water Brush (WB020)
  12. Mosaic Tape (GP007)
  13. or Trio Tape (GP016)
  14. Pen Knife (CTK28)
  15. HiVis Ruler (GT013)


Stamp Stripes image across postcard starting with Alabaster color ink. Continue with second color working down the card. Repeat with third color being sure to overlap colors to create an interesting palette. Layer onto a square card using Mosaic or Trio tape as shown.

Stamp Daisy image onto postcard with Black ink. Color with matching watercolors. Trim around Daisy leaving a 3/8" to 1/2" border. Layer onto black cardstock. Trim black to 1/8" frame. Layer over Striped image.

© Watanabe 2004

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