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Shaded Fern

Materials needed:

  1. Fern - 2528H
  2. Solid Palette Square Med - 2535G
  3. Solid Palette Rectangle Small - 2448G
  4. Gold stamp pad - Color Box
  5. Silver stamp pad - Color Box
  6. Copper stamp pad - Color Box
  7. Black stamp pad - Color Box
  8. Shrink Plastic Black - AP324
  9. Mosaic Tape - GP007
  10. Metallic Gold Pen
  11. Scissors
  12. Heat tool


Ink the Palette stamp with Gold, Silver and Copper inks. Stamp Fern image with Black ink onto the Palette stamp and twist slightly (approximately 1mm). Stamp Palette image onto Black card. Repeat as shown. Edge card with metallic Gold pen.

Ink Fern stamp with Gold ink and set aside. Cut or tear Black shrink plastic into 3" square. Shrink by applying heat from heat tool. To keep plastic from blowing around the table, hold down with a wooden skewer or chopstick. Stamp Fern image into hot plastic. Plastic is hot. Do not pick up with your fingers. Repeat 2 times. Attach plastic tiles with Mosaic Tape.

©Moye 2001

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